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K. Olson at Party At My Parents' House

August 14, 2011
Prior Lake, MN

Party at my Parent’s House is pleased to have its inaugural exhibition by Kelsey Olson.

Olson’s photos are often created in conflicting and manifold ways, drawing from diverse trajectories and mediums, the methods overlapped and shuffled, the various means construct a hologram of photography and its processes, never resulting in “photographs,” or its representative factions. A list: Pressed flowers on silver-gelatin paper; Home Shampoo’s colloidal solution used to redisperse gelatin’s silver-emulsion; unstabilized darkroom prints; scans of decaying photos archivally printed; prints exposed by lightning; inkjet images on silver-gelatin paper; color-processes; photograms; the list continues. With Olson the questioning of each photograph’s means becomes tiresome not because it is uninteresting, but rather it is much too interesting, the explication and its tireless inventiveness, always seem a step beyond prediction.

Catalog with 25 color illustrations of the exhibition works and installation views. Includes essay by the The Prior Lake Review.

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