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Saturday September 12, 2015, 6-9pm Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN

A one night event and zine release in conjunction with/next to the Walker Art Center's annual auction fundraiser "Avant Garden", 2015.

Activities of the event include:
- XPNDR Zine release
- Loring Park lawn exhibition
- performance by ROXANNE (Katelyn Farstad and Sophie Weil)
- US Bank stadium cake (Kelsey Olson)
- light refreshments and snacks
- Minneapolis city park system enjoyment

All activities and copies of the XPNDR zine are free and open to the public.

Artists in the park exhibition include (but not limited to):
Katelyn Farstad, Christopher Harrison, Jay Heikes, Jonathan Karen, Matt Lawler, Julia Helen Rice, Aaron Van Dyke, with lawn signs by David Frohlich and Kelsey Olson.

XPNDR is a self published zine of critical writing, poetry, essays, prose, and digital collage by local, national, and internationally participating artists, writers, thinkers, doers, and teachers, attempting to take both a snapshot and temperature reading of Minneapolis's art culture museum machine scene circa 2015. An edition of 50 copies includes digital collages and text, while a second edition of 30 copies only includes text.

*-*Read a shortened version of XPNDR here*-*

Contributors to XPNDR:
M. Curtis Allen, Aaron Arson, Lander Burton, Katelyn Farstad, Christopher Harrison, Matt Lawler, Mary Lodu, Julia Helen Rice, Tony Sunder, Gunnar Tchida, Jon Thurn, Aaron Van Dyke, Katy Vonk, and Sophie Weil.

Organized, edited, and zine collages by David Frohlich and Kelsey Olson.
Prepress by Kelly Filreis.
Printed by SmartSet, Minneapolis, 2015.

AWANNANANAW event table
US Bank Stadium cake
ROXANNE performance, Katelyn Farstad and Sophie Weil
ROXANNE performance and sculptures by Christopher Harrison
Jay Heikes
Jay Heikes
'Octagonal Peg in a Septagonal Hole', Aaron Van Dyke
Julia Helen Rice
Matt Lawler
Katelyn Farstad
Katelyn Farstad
Katelyn Farstad
Matt Lawler
Matt Lawler
Jonathan Karen
Jonathan Karen
Park lawn signs